What is AVCI (Advanced Vulnerability Centralized Interface)?

AVCI has been developed to ensure that security tools, which are important components of cyber security, are managed from a single center. AVCI offers features to minimize the risks arising from the many security tools used in CSOC (Cyber Security Operation Center) infrastructure.

Manage Plug-ins

You can add plug-ins to your system from an plug-in pool developed within AVCI and from the outside you can also develop.

Create Projects

You can group your assets according to your organization by creating different projects.

Integrate Projects with Plug-ins

When creating a project, you can select which plug-ins to use in which project or projects, and make them transact in the project.

Start or Schedule an Instant Scan

In the project you’ve created, you can make instant scans from the plug-ins you add to the scanning tools, or automate them by scheduling them.

View Scan Results

You can view the results of the scans from the project page.

Display Project Reports

You can report the periodic data generated by all scans in certain formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use AVCI?

Many security tools used in the Cyber Security Operation Center infrastructure cause administrative difficulties. Through AVCI, you can have features to minimize the risks associated with these challenges.

Can it combine the outputs of different tools?

Yes, AVCI stores data from many tools in a central database. In addition to receiving a report that combines all tool outputs for an asset, you can also report the output of each tool separately if you wish.

Can the level of vulnerabilities be changed?

Yes. Due to the AVCI Core module, it is possible to change the vulnerability levels individually. Thus, vulnerability level information from tools can be changed on asset basis, project basis or vulnerability basis.

Is there support for integration into specially developed systems?

Integration support for many global products is available. However, if there are specially developed systems (Ticket, CMDB etc.) and API support is available, integration can be made through the plug-in we will develop exclusively.


  1. Avcı Version 1

    AVCI v1


    AVCI Core


  2. Avcı Version 1

    AVCI v2


    Burp Suite
    Service Now


  3. Avcı Version 1

    AVCI v3


    Nexpose - IngishtVM
    Microsoft SCCM


  4. Avcı Version 1

    AVCI v4


    Web Inspect